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a Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica RP
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((I have been absent for quiet a while, for which I want to apologize but my computer finally broke down completely :( ))


Akemi Homura
"I am certain that fate can be changed."

Those, who are a threat to Kaname Madoka's well-being or intent to harm or hurt her in any possible way, are my enemies. If you should intent to do this kind of thing, then I will tell you that I am always prepared and there's is not a single second where I am not around to protect her... I also do not cooperate with those, who act unreasonably and pick useless fights. Should you be this kind of person or have such intentions as to harm Kaname Madoka, all I can advise you is to avoid me and especially to leave Kaname Madoka alone, or I can guarantee for nothing. I do not have mercy with those, who act in such ways... Anyway if you do not have this intentions or are this kind of person, I do not mind to cooperate with you...

Age: 14 (For a very long time already...)
Status: Puella Magi
Current residence:…

Birthday: February 22
Zodiac: Pisces
Blood type: B
Height: 159 cm
(Source: Official Production Notes)

A smart, graceful, athletically-talented girl. Cool if not chilly, her personality even can even be seen in her posture. Her primary ability is to stop time, all her other abilities and attacks seem to come from non-magical items, such as firearms and bombs. Her time manipulation device can also allow her to travel back in time, act as a shield, and seems to act as a limitless storage facility.
(Source:… )


:iconkanamemadoka-chan: Words can not describe my feelings for you … Madoka... There is no space in my heart for anyone but you, and those feelings will never change, I will always love you the way I do now. I will definitely repay what you have done for me and how you made me experience true happiness for the first time in my life and how you helped me to become strong. I promise this time I'll not let you suffer again, this time I'll definitely protect and finally save you! I will make sure that this is the final and last time!

:iconkyoko-sakura-magica: You are one of the few I can call my friends, so please try your best and don't die, Sakura Kyoko.

:iconkyoko-sakura-magica: With your help this might actually have a better outcome...

:iconnahato-nakamura: We act quiet in similar ways. I think we can get along very well, even if we do not know each other very well, yet...

:iconmami-mado-pon: I have grown to become a bit worried about you recently... I can understand what you go through ... I always saw it... Madoka is after all the only one, who could truly save you from your loneliness... I am truly sorry I can and will not give up on her... I will instead try my best to grow to become truly a friend to you, even if it may be a bit awkward, I'll try my very best... I can not let you fall into despair or get killed by this witch after all...

:iconthelostmermaid: We have never been very close to each other, since you always distrusted me. But having you as my ally is definitely not bad and please, this time Miki Sayaka, do not turn into a witch, we need you. I am sorry that I could not stop you from contracting but you could also be a good help with fighting against the Walpurgisnacht... You are once again running towards your own end, but this time I will not let this kind of thing happen to you again... I will not let you cause any grief to Madoka, even if this means that I have to end your life...

:iconchitose-yuma: I don't really know you but you're still very young, take care...

:iconmanami-chikako: We are in the same class, it seems...

:iconpuellamagi-yuuri: You are close to becoming a witch it seems...

Be careful I am watching your actions very closely.

:iconkyubey-sama: I'll definitely make sure that your plan doesn't work out as you've planned, Incubator.

:iconoriko-mikuni: I will definitely never forgive you for what you did to Madoka! I will not let you hurt her ever again! Even if it means I've to kill you, this time I will not let you do anything to her!

:iconwitch-of-candy: This time I will definitely not let the calamities you have triggered so far happen...

RPG: :iconpuella-magi-rpg:
Main account: :iconcurepassion:

((Important note: As my first language is not English, there may be times of confusion. Although I speak English relatively fluently, it's not perfect after all yet, as I am still learning it, so please take note of this.))

Webcam picture by: :iconazxault:

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SonicGodzilla Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
You cannot chage fate....
Saiionji Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012
Hey Homura, I thought of an idea.
We can all earn Madoka's panties points from :icondahub: and ask :iconpedes-nex: and all other points people, and we can all combine them up and try make puella-magi-rpg a super group :) ]]
(1 Reply)
TheLostMermaid Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
*approaches her awkwardly*
Ahh... Uhm... Transfer stu- Ah no, sorry Homura!
*laughs in a bit of an awkward way*
W-Well, I-I want to apologize to you because I well... Acted pretty stupid and was not very nice to you even though you wanted to help me... I understand that Madoka is very important to you, you wanted to protect her from getting hurt because of me. She's after all my best friend and just dying like this would hurt her... So I-I just wanted to let you know that I will do my best to help you protect her and I won't do this again as I am still alive, it is my duty to protect others, not to hurt them...
(1 Reply)
Manami-Chikako Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Ah, is your name Homura? I've seen you a lot around the school. My name is Manami Chikako.
*bows* *notices her soul gem ring*
By any chance, are you a Puella Magi like me?
(1 Reply)
Nahato-Nakamura Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012
Akemi Homura-san... There is something we need to talk about... Kyuubey told me that it is untrue that Puella Magi die once their soul gem has turned black. Have you not spoken the truth?
(1 Reply)
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